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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 5, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos from the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." >> stop the car, stop the car! >> a car fits the description of a suspect's vehicle. that's when -- >> police knew they may have their man. >> why they weren't going to let this guy get away. >> the jet skiers spot a buoy e to it. how they came to the rescue of
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one scared animal. >> a man holds a child hostage. see how they tell him time's up. >> and what he does that makes him one smooth dude. >> he actually looks rather efficient i have to say. >> two very intense moments caught on dash cam video. this is from boynton beach, florida, have led police to check out some wendy's. robbers had been stealing money from restaurants. so when the car pulled up, police knew that they may have their man. police approached them. when they did, one of the suspects got in the vehicle and
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took off, leading the police in a high-speed car chase that lasted about two and a half miles. the driver, 22-year-old adam delane ended up smashing his car into a post. he was taken into custody with no injury. the second suspect,er that still looking for him. >> in missouri some guy decided to feel a fedex truck. this went from missouri to kansas. what's interesting is the suspect obeyed traffic laws and used his signal. when the fedex driver got out of the fedex truck, she left the keys in the ignition. that's when he saw it has an opportunity to take the truck. >> you just see the driving there, kind of casual. >> he keeps driving but you see
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that the wheels start sparking. >> maybe he was trying to pretend he was the fedex driver. maybe he just wanted to see what it was like for a day. >> did you get a fedex from something saying your packages are going to be delayed? >> your packages went on a high speed chase in. >> it's a good story to tell when your packages arrive safely. >> these are members of the ski new zealand team preparing for the jet ski challenge. in the off in the distance, do you see that orange bullpeny, that orange floaty? it's bobbing and there's something attached to it. so jason decides to get in for a closer look. he notices that there is an animal struggling, an animal in trouble, tangled to the rope connected to this float. if you get closer, you'll notice
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it's a dolphin. it was connected to a cray fish pot, the dolphin ended up getting it tangled around its out? and its fin. jason and his buddies dive into the water and starts trying to free this dolphin with his bare hands. the dolphin tried to swim away and eventually jason grabbed the dolphin and was able to get him free just in time. this cray fish pod was in a maroon reserve. -- marine reserve. that's not allowed. they reported the pod to officials because the pod's not
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reserved. >> it's a crime fighting dolphin. if it wasn't for him, they couldn't know about this. >> you're looking at a swat team operation in israel. if you'll in the the man on the balcony, he is the target to this praegs. according to police there, he's barricaded in the top floor of this building. police say he was holding his 4-year-old niece hostage in the swaegs. the swat team, not making any progress, decide to go in. this is part of the elite counterterrorism unit from the swat team. if there's someone you don't want to mess with, it's israel's elite counterterrorism unit. they were able to take at that guy pretty easily. >> that dude was oblivious to what's going on. >> that guy behind him, another commando is throwing another
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flash grenade through the window. >> in the end the little girl was rescued safely. you could also hear the crowd that is watching this. >> now let me take you over to russia where there's more action on a rooftop flp's ice hanging off because i heard stories about ice coming down and killing people. i guess jumps out of the way like, hey, this is dangerous. >> whoa! >> they took out the streetlight, guys. >> they were trying to knock off the ice off the roof and didn't have anybody protecting the ground or blocking anything? >> they were trying to remove the ice to protect people. >> and that's going to cost the city some money because you took out a streetlight. >> if i asked you guys to have a
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picture of beauty in your head, a lot of us would have a similar idea about beauty. it presented to us, what a body should look like. why not take those images and recreate them in forms of disability. here you see several different people with differing disabilities coming into a studio, having theirctd thoing recreate some people are sfigured, or scoliosis, malle normed spine because of some accident. i love this moment where each person gets to unveil to the man ken and to see their face.
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it's fascinating. >> now each of these mannequins were placed in different shop windows in europe so the public could walk by and get a different look at each of these mann kens. >> this is really beautiful and it does promote the idea of acceptance in that way because mannequins are so uniform and to see them take on the shapes of these bodies, just visually it forces you to open your heart and open your mind to the differences. >> one way to get rid of tires, turn them into hot wheels. >> but what he did not consider, the car may also get a little
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hot. and it's a christmas classic performed by violinist sterling and kerhow, and he's blind. >> the remarkable story behind the duet. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] like us on now back to the show. >> the holidays are here.
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you're probably used to hearing the ding of that bell. the volunteers of the salvation army collecting change. they've created a video to remind us how easy it is to give. >> it the salvation army rube goldberg device. >> those are old super nintendo games. >> yes. in fact, everything you see are all things donated to the salvation army store. you got everything from basketballs to cds. >> teddy bears? >> it's good because it showing what you probably got going around the house you may not need. >> a giant medicine ball fund. refrigerator. this is my favorite. what is it called in. >> a tether ball. >> it swings and swings and swings until it's unrahal elfed
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to real a puerto rico present deer. >> look at that. that's fun. i like that. ultimately what this rube goldberg does is provide a little coin for the salvation army bucket. and you got to love their tag zeen. viving does not have to be that complicated. >> sure. >> dash cam came from russia proving once again that crossing the road is a death defying proposition. this guy comes flying from the left-hand side. the the person hands on top of car and on his knees in the street for what while, it looked a lot worse than what he can 17-year-old, from what i can gather from the translation, bruises understands how that kid's suffer.
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>> it looks like he's just sitting there going just give me a minute, i'll be all right, give me a minute. >> and the other car may have blocked his lane. that car is just whizzing through there. >> this guy for whatever reason is trying to roast off a pair of bmws off his rear tie way. >> bute's doing this o >> he's doing this on purpose. if you're going to put this much heat in your rear tires. the car may also get hot, a little too hot. he doesn't seem to be paying attention to the smoke in the engine compartment but is now feeling the cabinet. >> yes, doc! >> the rest of this video is a mad dash to find something to put the fire out.
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this guy opens the hood and tries to fire the blow out. eventual they found like two tiny little last resort. >> i eunice aafter your clean your teeth book. >> it's the holiday season. that means it's the perfect time for a little musical interlude from our favorite, lindsay sterling. for those who don't know who lindsay is, she has lots of yub videos of her playing the violin. some of them are just yaung jungy. nd maybe i'll go like this. >> as you can see, she is not alone in this rendition of "oh come allee manuel."
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the person playing the piano became no lander asking to be the first time is blind. he started the teen-agers so he's self taught. he teamed up with lindsey and they music poll daholidays. >> anybody who can teach themselves an instrument is wild. i mean, how can you do that i wonder because you can't see is the sense of hearing heightened? >> whatever it is, he did good and so did she. >> creating youtube pranks like this one. >> i used to clean port-a-poties before i did youtube.
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>> and rescuers swoop in and give a paralyzed dog a second chance. >> they call him r.r.b. >> see hough he was living life there the path lane. to take care of air.
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hey, don't forget there's an app for rtm.
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get it on your iphone or android device and watch videos wherever you are. >> this is a story that will break your heart at the beginning. don't worry, you'll put it all back together given. it starts with the humane society of the united states going to a believed to be puppy mill in samson county. >> oh! >> when we walked into the building, the stench of urine and feces and illness kind of just hung in the air and it's very sad. >> you see the puppies, they look malnourished and unhealthy and then they get a look at this guy. >> he kind of dragged himself making himself invisible. >> dragging his back legs, paralyzed. >> after a while he's starting to loosen up. you see him starting to kiss this person from the megan
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humane society. >> i marted pilding one. they call him r.b., thanks to ricky bobby. ricky bobby the name of the main character of the care ter in "talladega nights." r.b.'s got a set of wheels and he can get around. >> come on! here we go! >> here he goes. >> look at the hunk smile on his face. >> this allnded up with the exact perfect pet parent. >> right. >> but you have to keep in mind, he's not the only dog that needs help. the humane society has a web site so people can donate money to save other dogs likeby. >>you never would know that's where he came from and i think that's the best part. the video starts out with
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this guy taking off his pants. don't worry, it's not x-rated. and then he lights a torch. is he going to light the torch? >> it is also noticed that his legs are very harry. >> yes. >> he is going to remove his hair by tore chicago the heck out of it. >> it would be a lot easier to do actually or grantee. once he starts doing it, he just passes the flame over his air and -- oh, that must stink. >> it actually looks rather efficient i have to say. >> i mean, he's burning it off and you have to be really
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careful to quick be. >> you end up burning it off your leggs. >> i hope we don't have to say this but doesn't waddle of your doing and regardless, what i think he did is on the portfolio, he just said
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>> do you want to decorate the house for the holidays but you're broke? but you need this tree and spend zero box but come up with something that looks really cool. >> get this hard box, tree hend the originals on a flat.
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>> defy duty covers and flip the cops over, you have your pot earn and you still use the other flap before end up with four christmas trees. one shape in case and cut the others in half so your pieces look like this. >> so she said absolutely. once you get it in the x schapp you apply the spray paint. >> and look at that, nice and elegant. time for your daily dose of adrenaline. two nerve racking, tom baghdad
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video center. i think that first all, none of us is pretty high. but they are just getting started. this a guy named daniel. daniel is up on this crane 170 feet in the air. now think about that, 17 stories you could say. no harnesses, no ropes. watch daniel. watch his dispount by his feet. >> he calls this lucifer double front flip. >> himtsts the very center of t thing. >> that's awesome. i wonder when it is because he must have impact continue give these are jump.
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>> lot of this evenin r rou once i zbot the wrong meet are or something. >> life or peter from perspective and ufr getting the per secretaryive and a lo of peeling think they'll ra really up there. so he had a lot of ways to go in each direction but still. that's it for us here at rtm. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web "right this minute". gators are unpredictable, but one thing's for sure -- >> if they bite you, it's not going to feel good. >> the story behind some brave guys with one tough job. >> an ambulance is in an accident, and i guy inside -- >> he's had a bad day. >> how he survived not one but


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